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Artist Statement

Dianne Bugash

When in our lives do we really get to be heard?  IF you’re a joiner, an organizer, a demonstrator or a letter writer, you may be heard.  But I’m not any of those.  So HOW in my life do I get to make a difference? I may be the silent type, but I’m pretty sensitive to the world’s natural order and the chaos we humans bring to it.


So what do I do about that?  What I want to say is, “Hey – you people” (governments, politicians, troublemakers of all types).  What we have is an unbelievably complex world, sandwiched between the clouds and the earth’s core. It’s filled with vitality, cooperation, and symbiosis—a web of life that we humans can’t possibly reproduce if we lose it.  Some people call it GOD.  Some people call it SCIENCE.  I call it miraculous and I want all of it to stay intact.  I want us to observe the intricacies that allow plants and animals to survive.  I want us to notice how nature supports every living creature by giving it defense mechanisms and skills to ensure the survival of it’s species.  I want us to be able to be less ego-centered and more centered on who we, as a group of the highest order of mammals, are in this huge ecosystem. 


I can’t just say, thank you God for your miracle because I don’t depend on a god figure.  But I am “blown away” by this earth and I want to talk about it.


​From the time I grew up with artistic parents ‘til this day, I am an artist.  So I PAINT.  I paint on cut-out, shaped canvases to say –“just stop for a minute- my fellow humans”.  Stop and notice and observe the details that make our lives possible or impossible.  I cut away extraneous information to focus on a moment in time where our own intricate emotional minds & bodies are reacting to something-- perhaps a moment where everything comes together (contentment) or everything falls apart (exasperation).


 Simultaneously, I PAINT on large stretched canvases to tell you what I’ve learned and how I interpret my observations.   I can’t be like you or anyone else.  So maybe it is  possible to be heard from the work I produce.   These canvases evolve from my search for imagery that is not usually compatible; but in putting them together, they tell their own stories that usually end up connecting to some part of me.


 I keep working because I want to speak to you with color, imagery, and symbols; and I hope from my heart to yours you leave my paintings feeling a little fuller than when you came in.       

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